What is the charm of liquid silicone?




Liquid silicone, referred to as LSR in English, is used to make silicone products, such as silicone pacifiers, baby bottles, mobile phone cases, and gas masks, which are some of the most popular and popular liquid silicone products. Liquid silicone is favored by consumers and manufacturers. Why is it so attractive.
1. Good fluidity, fast vulcanization and fast forming speed.
2, anti-yellowing, good heat aging resistance,
Silicone rubber vulcanizates show no change in properties after several years of outdoor exposure in the free state.
3. Good electrical insulation,
The electrical insulating properties of silicone rubber vulcanizates change relatively little when exposed to moisture or water and when the temperature rises. After burning, silicon dioxide will be formed, but it is still an insulator, which ensures that the electrical equipment can continue to work until it is overhauled.
4. Safety and environmental protection
The products comply with environmental protection requirements such as ROHS, and have passed the US FDA certification for safety and environmental protection, and can fully meet food-grade requirements. It is odorless, non-toxic, physiologically inert, and can fully meet the requirements of food grade, and has no adverse effect on the human body.
5. High and low temperature resistance
Liquid silicone rubber is a product with heat resistance. Among various silicone rubbers, it can still maintain the characteristics of rubber shape after being resistant to high temperature of 250 °C.
6. High air permeability
The air permeability is tens or even hundreds of times larger than that of ordinary silicone rubber, and the air permeability to different gases is quite different.
7. Good anti-mildew performance,
Silicone rubber can be stored for a long time, its water absorption is less than 0.015%, and it has no breeding effect on various algae and molds, so it will not mold