How to choose the right silicone vulcanizing agent?




At present, there are several kinds of silicone vulcanizing agents: double two-four curing agent, double two-penta curing agent, platinum curing agent and so on. How to choose the right vulcanizing agent? Below is a detailed explanation for you

1. Double two four vulcanizing agent:
Bis-tetra-vulcanizing agent is mainly used for cross-linking of silicone extrusion and calendering process products. It is suitable for producing extruded products that do not require much product quality. General anti-yellowing, odor, slow vulcanization. It is a common vulcanizing agent for general rubber compounding requirements for extrusion molding.

2. Double two pentavulcanizing agent
Bispenta vulcanizing agent is mainly used for crosslinking during molding of silicone molded products. Low odor, average vulcanization speed, no volatilization, no fire. It is applied to the environmental protection standards of molded products made of various silicone materials: such as silicone buttons, bracelets, mobile phone cases, watch straps, silicone gifts and other fields.

3. Platinum vulcanizing agent
Platinum vulcanizing agent is further divided into two-component platinum vulcanizing agent and one-component platinum vulcanizing agent. Mainly used for low temperature vulcanization and products requiring odorless molding and extrusion molding of silicone products. High anti-yellowing, no peculiar smell, less addition, fast vulcanization. The products vulcanized with platinum vulcanizing agent can pass FDA, ROHS certification, and LFGB certification for two-stage vulcanization.